Parents are the No. 1 resource for teens when it comes to learning to drive. Take advantage of these resources to help guide your teen through the licensing process.

Driving Change Resource Center

In honor of our decade helping save teen lives on the road, the Foundation launched Driving Change. Share teen driving statistics turned to life by social media designers. Take a deep dive into articles by the experts. Check out parent resources.

Driving Change Parent Tips Sheet (English and Spanish)

Tip Sheet for Parents. Tips that we’ve learned from 10 years of helping save teen lives on the road.

Parent Coaching Guide.

Driving with a teen during the licensing process is one of the most important things a parent can do. The Allstate Foundation created practice lessons and tips in English and Spanish for parents to guide their newly licensed driver.

Parent-Teen Agreement

Teens want to know what is expected of them. Parents and teens can use this template agreement to come up with mutually agreed-upon rules of the road before handing over the keys to the car. Available with teen driving laws for each state.

Parent-Teen Agreement:

Parent-Teen Agreement: