We believe Good Starts Young℠.

We inspire the next generation of leaders and history makers to help create a promising future powered by service.

The Allstate Foundation provides youth with tools and resources to build character, confidence and optimism; achieve academic success; gain leadership skills; learn conflict-resolution strategies; find their voice and share their stories; mobilize others to volunteer and give back; and become more engaged citizens.

The programs we support are focused in three areas:

  • Giving youth the tools and resources to be the next generation of leaders to rise up and make a difference in our world.
  • Creating a social movement to showcase youth as change makers and problem solvers.
  • Differentiating Allstate as a youth empowerment thought leader.

Enabling youth to develop social and emotional skills.

The Allstate Foundation empowers youth to stand up for themselves and others and realize their full potential through programs and resources that develop social and emotional skills.

Social and emotional skills have staggeringly positive effects on academic performance, standardized test scores, attendance records, classroom behavior, social relationships, motivation to learn, drug use and other outcomes1. In fact, social skills have been shown to be a greater predictor of later success than academic achievement. In a recent study, children who scored high in social skills were four times more likely to graduate from college than those who scored low2.

All of our Youth Empowerment program support and partnerships are part of our Good Starts Young Initiative. It’s comprised of community-service activities, sports, arts and culture, and mentoring programs as well as civic participation.

1 CASEL, Safe and Sound, 2005

2 American Public Health Association, 2015