Domestic Violence

Home should always be a safe place to go.

We provide domestic violence survivors the financial skills and tools to break free and stay free from abuse.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Yet, it’s a taboo subject.

With our expertise in financial services, we give domestic violence survivors the financial skills and support to break free and build a brighter future. Together with our partner, the National Network to End Domestic Violence, we provide survivors with access to the financial education and tools they need to stay safe and stand on their own. To date, our work has allowed nearly 800,000 women to take steps toward stronger, happier, domestic violence-free lives. We’ve trained more than 8,600 service providers, representing more than 1,600 nonprofit organizations, to help them deliver best-in-class financial literacy and asset building programs to domestic violence survivors in all 50 states.

Lisa Jusino is one of many Allstate agency owners that volunteer in the community to help make long term security a reality for survivors. Listen to her story.