Teen Safe Driving

Research on Teen Driving

Teen safe driving has been a priority for The Allstate Foundation since 2005, when we first surveyed teens about their attitudes and behaviors behind the wheel. The results helped draw attention to risky behaviors and dangerous attitudes and inform the development and implementation of effective approaches to help save teen lives.

Today, The Allstate Foundation continues to inform, involve and empower teens, parents and communities to address the epidemic affecting teens and their families. To keep our finger on the pulse of what teens are facing as drivers and passengers, The Allstate Foundation recently conducted a new survey focused on learning more about teen attitudes toward graduated driver licensing laws.

Our Teen Licensing Survey found that 74 percent of teens today support comprehensive graduated driver licensing laws and that there was consistent approval of these laws by males and females, teens of all ages and all license status categories, geographic region, urban and rural status and race and ethnicity.

The Foundation’s Teen Safe Driving program has explored a number of other teen driving topics in the Chronic and Shifting Teen Attitudes surveys.

Teen Licensing Survey (2010)

Shifting Teen Attitude (2009)

Parent Research (2007)

Chronic (2005)