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Spotlight on: Disaster Preparedness

Disasters don’t abide by geographic borders or adhere to timelines. They can happen anytime, anywhere – with little or no warning. But, less than 15 percent of Americans are prepared for one.1

In the last 10 years, nearly 255 million people worldwide were affected by disasters.2  Since 1980, the occurrence of weather-related disasters has increased by more than 230 percent.3

The Allstate Foundation wants to help you prepare for a disaster. Download and print the new SaferLives Disaster Preparedness brochure in English or Spanish for tips on how to build a disaster preparedness kit, create a household emergency plan, help your community prepare for a disaster – and more.

Additional Disaster Preparedness Resources

Please visit these websites for more information:

Good & Ready

American Red Cross

FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes)

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1 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

2 International Federation of Red Cross, 2012

Oxfam, 2012