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SaferLivesSM Program

Everyone wants to ensure their family is safe. SaferLives provides important safety information to help keep you and your loved ones safer - In the home. On the road. In the community.SM It is an Allstate Foundation program made available thorugh Allstate agency owners in communities across the country.

SaferLives is currently promoting the issue of teen safe driving. Safety resources also are available on disaster preparedness and financial empowerment for domestic violence survivors.

SaferLives Spotlight on Teen Safe Driving

Car crashes are the No. 1 killer of teens in America, causing far more deaths than homicide, suicide, cancer and drugs. According to research conducted by The Allstate Foundation, 64 percent of parents are actively looking for resources to help them manage their teen's driving experience and help keep them safer behind the wheel. 

Encouraging your child to develop the right attitudes and behaviors in the car today can benefit them down the road. Your conversations about safe driving should start as soon as your teen receives a learner's permit, and continue until at least the first year after your teen earns a driver's license.

The Allstate Foundation wants to provide you with resources to help steer your teen in the right direction. Download and print the SaferLives Teen Safe Driving brochure with sample practice lessons and tips for you to use to guide your teen through the driver's licensing process. One side has information for parents of teens with learner's permits and the other side has information for parents of newly licensed drivers.

Additional Resources on Teen Safe Driving

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