The Allstate Foundation

Grantmaking Focus Areas

Since 1952, we have invested more than $275 million in funding in communities across the country to address key social issues. Our grantmaking priorities fall into three categories: Safe and Vital Communities, Economic Empowerment and Tolerance, Inclusion and Diversity.

Safe and Vital Communities

The Allstate Foundation is dedicated to fostering safe and vital communities where people live, work and raise families. We strive to foster communities that are economically strong, crime-free, and give residents a sense of belonging and commitment. Our Safe and Vital Communities funding priorities are:

  • Teen Safe Driving: Helping to save young lives and instill a lifetime of safe driving attitudes and behaviors. Learn more about the Allstate Foundation's Teen Safe Driving signature program.
  • Catastrophe response: Rebuilding lives after a natural disaster strikes.
  • Neighborhood revitalization: Nurturing safe, strong, and healthy communities.

Economic Empowerment

The Foundation is committed to empowering Americans with the economic resources and knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their financial future. Our Economic Empowerment funding priorities are:

  • Domestic Violence : Helping survivors live free and stay free from violence by building their financial security. Learn more about The Allstate Foundation's Domestic Violence signature program.
  • Financial and economic literacy: Building a more secure financial future for Americans.

Tolerance, Inclusion, and Diversity

We believe that in order for a community to be strong, it has to recognize and value all of its members. That's why we are committed to programs that bring tolerance, inclusion, and value to people of all backgrounds regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age or physical challenges. Our Tolerance, Inclusion, and Diversity funding priorities are:

  • Teaching tolerance to youth: Fostering a generation free of bias and intolerance.
  • Alleviating discrimination: Encouraging communities to be free of prejudice.