The Allstate Foundation

Domestic Violence Program

In 2005, The Allstate Foundation joined with the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) to bring financial education, matched savings programs, job readiness and job training and microenterprise opportunities to survivors of domestic violence. Working with our community partners across the country, we make long-term security a reality for survivors. We are committed to helping survivors build their financial skills as a way to escape abusive relationships, get safe, stay safe and thrive.

The Allstate Foundation's work to support survivors of domestic violence reflects our dedication to making our communities and our nation a better, safer place to live. 

We are committed to using financial empowerment strategies to end the cycle of violence because research shows that financial dependency is the strongest predictor of a survivor's decision to remain, leave or return to an abusive relationship - even stronger than physical safety issues.

The Allstate Foundation and Domestic Violence
Millions affected by it. Few talk about it. Here’s what The Allstate Foundation has to say about domestic violence.